A Healthy Lunch Place Could Be Might Just Be Around the Corner

In today's culture it's tough to locate a nutritious but convenient meal. Between my occupation, children, and maintaining my home, I've been stretched too thin. More often than not I have to eat out at terribly unhealthy fast taco or burger restaurants. Every time I go to one of these places I feel bad, but I can't help it.

Recently a healthy alternative appeared in our neighborhood. From a a pile of rubble a bakery/restaurant popped up. They feature a diverse food selection which comes in handy for my diverse family. Even my spectacularly finicky daughter enjoys many of their kid's menu selections.

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Our favorite local eatery even has burrito restaurant Sugarhouse, UT, which simplifies my life. Best of all, though, it offers me peace of mind knowing my children are eating a nutritious lunch instead of a burger.