Satellite Internet is a Cheap Option; Coverage Available Direct to Remote Cities

I never thought I could go through with it but I canceled my Internet service. I know what you're thinking: How could a person live without the Internet? What if Justin Bieber were to spill a shake? They'd be the last one to know! But I had other problems that eclipsed celebrity news. Also, it's not as if I'm completely without satellite internet provider Fernley, NV. I merely changed Internet service. I had one of those bundle packages through a cable company. I didn't really need cable TV coverage but the salesman convinced me. At first I was satisfied with the service but I slowly became unhappy. Cable outage was the biggest reason to cancel. Internet access wasn't lost everyday but it seemed to go down at the worst times. So I started researching other options. That's when I found out about satellite Internet. Not only was it cheaper than I thought, but it was also fast. But most importantly it's dependable. After ten months with my current satellite Internet provider, there still hasn't been one outage. I found my high speed solution. In a rural area? No problem. Satellite has a much wider service range than cable or DSL. So find a better Internet option today!